Drawing the Line

Something that has always amused me: where do you draw the line between two related themes/personality/action etc that are viewed in the opposite way? That probably sounds much more confusing than I intended. Here’s an example: Where do you draw the line between quirky and weird. Between weird and creepy, and creepy and crazy. Where do you draw the line between naive and and childish, childish and clueless. Clueless and stupid. I’m not actually sure what I’m trying to say here, just thought I would take a break from writing an essay for my cinema studies paper. I think what I am trying to ask is how are the different degrees of a trait or personality determined…I suppose its all subjective, as with anything that involves judgement more than calculations. I am starting to realize that I am much more interested in raising questions than finding answers. Not sure whether it is a bad thing or not. I remember talking to my uncle on the phone somewhat recently on an international call, and he asks me what I am studying. When he heard my current minor was in philosophy he seemed surprised, he said it wasn’t really a women’s subject and he knew of no female philosophers. I must admit, after taking a first year philosophy and gender summer course (precisely to provide myself with an answer to why there was a lack of female philosophers in the curriculum) I was disappointed to see that my uncle was of this view as I considered him as quite a philosophy enthusiast. Anyway, I remember him telling me something along the lines of: philosophy does not answer anything, theology is what you should turn to for answers and I think I surprised him (and my mother sitting nearby) with the answer that I was more interested in raising questions than receiving answers. Growing up in a religious family means that everything comes with definitive answers, perhaps that is why I am so interested in questioning anything and everything that is thrown at me…even if this leads to a lot of self questioning. I think I like it this way better. Better to be curious and thought of as stupid, than be ignorant and book smart.

I’m looking up at the title at it no longer makes sense, as usual I had no directions on where I was going but sometimes its okay to be a free faller.

The Sex-crazed Sex

“The idea that men are naturally more interested in sex than women is ubiquitous that it’s difficult to imagine that people ever believed differently. And yet for most of Western history, from ancient Greece to beginning of the nineteenth century, women were assumed to be the sex-crazed porn fiends of their day.” -Alyssa Goldstein

(READ the full article here: http://www.alternet.org/when-women-wanted-sex-much-more-men?page=0%2C0) 

The idea that the impulsive need to have sex, or lack thereof is associated with self- control and power over oneself. So if women were thought of as lesser beings from the beginning because they were unable to exercise deliberative faculty (Aristotle) or were more prone to giving in to temptations than men (Eve) then the switched up ideologies should mean that men are now seen as the ‘inferior’ sex. Funnily enough (or maybe not) this hasn’t changed much in terms of general beliefs about the nature of the genders. Perhaps one of the reasons is that, the sex associated imagery has changed; sex was once linked to evil and sin and shame (outside of a marriage) whereas it has now become accepted, and for men to have sex is to have power and control to some degree. Of course, this is probably much too simple of a reason but worth thinking about I think…

I’m also curious on people’s viewpoints so feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Night photography

I guess I have a classic case of ‘white girl with a DSLR’, thankfully I am not ‘white’ so people are less inclined to judging when they see me walking around like the amateur photographer I am.  Being a university student, and not having an awful lot of spare money lying around means I have yet to buy a tripod for my camera. This makes night photography a little challenging, to say the least. UNLESS, I use the flash and I generally don’t like using it because I want to capture what is in front of me and the flash screws up the natural lighting of the shot. But I learnt (by mistake ((of course)) ) that taking close ups of nature which I love is great at night, especially with the flash on. I completely forgot to note down how strong the flash was on at the time, as I was winging it ( I prefer the term experimenting) as usual.

I love how the background fades away into nothingness at night…

988361_10202013190670017_1953132037_n 1468588_10202013192790070_556324008_n 1489029_10202013194150104_1209748098_n

(These were taken at Mona Vale Gardens in Christchurch).

Writer’s block?

“Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with typing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to more extreme examples in which some “blocked” writers have been unable to work for years, and some have even abandoned their supposed lifelong careers.[citation needed] Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem.[1] Professionals who have struggled with the affliction include author F. Scott Fitzgerald[2] and pop culture cartoonist Charles M. Schulz.[3] Writer’s block can manifest when a writer views their work as inferior or unsuitable. 

Irene Clark notes that writer’s block is a common affliction that most writers will experience at one time or another.[1] Mike Rose defines writer’s block as “an inability to begin or continue writing for reasons other than lack of basic skill or commitment”.[5] …The Purdue Online Writing Lab says, “Because writers have various ways of writing, a variety of things can cause a writer to experience anxiety, and sometimes this anxiety leads to writer’s block.”[6] ” – Wikipedia

It’s been a while since I have written for anything besides university assignments and diary entries. I used to love writing in my spare time, usually just ideas for stories I never got to completing or more abstract pieces but it seems like I never do it any more. At first, I put if off as just not having enough time, but it’s the holidays now and I still feel the same hesitation even when it comes to writing blog entries. I’m not sure whether I’m putting off writing because my writing is inadequate, or because I feel it is. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both, I guess you never really know till you try.

I am also curious about other bloggers who experience this (I’m sure at least some of you do), and how you learn to overcome it.

10 Things I love about Christchurch

I love making lists and from the number of lists I have seen recently it has struck me I am one of many in this regard.

So here is my first list.

1. It’s a city but not a City



Let me explain. Christchurch is one of the main cities in the South Island, and it has its share of malls, fast food chains and access to most services but it is not a city lovers city. You are usually only 30-40 minutes drive away from the beach anywhere in Christchurch, and probably less to the rural areas/ countryside.

2. The Metro bus system


The buses cover all of Christchurch, come frequently and are often empty (choice of best seats! haha). The only time the buses fill up completely are when the school kids get on in the morning and again, when they finish school in the afternoon. So for people like me who are putting off learning how to drive (in the name of being green) its a blessing from heaven.

3. Fish’n Chip shops.


There is nothing quite like fish n chips on a blistering summer afternoon with friends, preferably at the beach. It may not be doing great things for our obesity rate, but the fact that there’s at least one of these in every suburb is something that should be celebrated.

4. Friendly Old People

I have heard from foreigners that New Zealanders are exceptionally nice and helpful, and being someone who gets lost (a LOT) I know that this is in fact true. But one of the sweetest things about living in Christchurch are the sweet (usually) old people, who smile at you as you walk past them, and seem genuinely happy and even surprised when you smile back and say hi. Sometimes you have old people who randomly start conversations with you on buses, or streets, its a strange thing but I can’t help but add it to this list.

5. This tree somewhere in South Hagley Park. 


I only found out about the existence of this thing just a few days ago, clearly I need to explore more. But I seriously do want one of these in my backyard, a circular bench facing a tree carved with lovers initials and random scribblings. What could be better?

6. Christchurch in Autumn


There’s nothing quite like it, but then I guess I am a little biased and I really do love autumn. :p

7. University of Canterbury






















When you have to spend countless nights studying (or procrastinating) up in those high study rooms, you come to appreciate just how important the campus atmosphere (and pretty trees) is.

8. Early mornings that feel worth it on days like this:
















9. Feeling connected to nature while still having wi-fi access.


When you are able to walk around enjoying the beauty of nature, while fb’ing your instagram of a snap you know you have hit the jackpot.

10. Having a place that I am proud to call home



Days of Future Past

I am so incredibly excited about the upcoming instalment in the X-Men series, the trailer looks promising and exciting but I’m worried it might be too much material for one movie. A lot of very different things seem to be happening throughout the trailer and must say I am a little confused by it. Admittedly, I have never read the comics which might have helped but I have been a follower of the films and I sincerely hope this film will live up to my (ginormous) expectations. Fingers crossed.

Quality time with Nature

I love trees and things, but I’m not much of an outdoors person. I would much rather, curl up in bed with a good novel or perhaps a newly discovered TV show that I could binge watch. Sometimes you just have to take the time and say hi to mother nature, and what better time to do it than during my favourite season of autumn! I often get flak from friends for calling it fall, because it’s the American way of saying it, but it just comes more naturally. Sometimes you need to get out there, smell the grass and the damp earth strewn with brilliantly coloured leaves. Nature amuses me as much as it marvels, the endless combinations of patterns, shapes and colours that account for diversity.  How each one can be so different, yet quite similar…kind of like humans actually. Now that it is term one holidays here, I have a little more time to get into blogging although I’m almost certain no one but I will see this. Nevertheless, it feels nice to write just for the sake of writing again instead of essays and assignment deadlines.  DSC_0171 DSC_0174 DSC_0187 DSC_0205 DSC_0302 DSC_0334 DSC_0341

April Assessment of New Years Resolution

So as part of the very cliche ‘New Year, new Me’ concept, I wrote my first post earlier this year, with an aim of writing at least once a week in this very blog. So far I have only posted two, and the last one was a photo…it was also posted a month ago. See, usually at this stage one would expect me to be disappointed and dejected (is that correct grammar there? I guess it doesn’t really matter here). However, on the contrary I feel good about the goals I have set for this year- some I have made good progress on, others I haven’t even touched yet. At the end of the day, these goals help to guide you towards the person you want to be and that’s awesome. I will do everything I can to make sure all five or six of my goals for this year will be fulfilled or at least attempted, but I realized when I logged back on here tonight (redirected from my own twitter, so quite by mistake) that these goals are not markers for your happiness, and I was getting the ideas of achievement and happiness mixed up. Achievement can lead to happiness, but happiness does not have to be achieved through, well achievements. There are a million ways to be happy, and this is just one of them. So if any of you out there are struggling with your set goals and resolutions, just remember achieving goals and achieving happiness are different, interconnected for sure, but different.