It’s too hot to be productive!


Probably not a great follow  up post to ‘Friends with Discomfort’, but I cannot take any more of this heat. It is fall in Christchurch, but as always the weather is anything but season appropriate. Autumn is actually my favourite season, with the brilliant colours, and the cool temperature and refreshing breezes. Its late afternoon, and I have been trying to concentrate on working on an assignment for a few hours now, all I have managed to do so far is keep myself somewhat hydrated, and have micro naps in between Facebook sessions. Needless to say I’m a cold over hot kinda person; when it is cold you can keep layering to keep warm but when it is hot, there’s only so much you can take off and then you are truly screwed. I am going to attempt my assignment again in a couple of hours, as the sun starts its descent. Perhaps I can focus better under the cover of the clouds, without feeling like I am being suffocated with heat…

To anyone else going through this right now, I feel for you and understand your metaphorical pain.  Kia Kaha. Keep strong.


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