Nikon D3100- Manual Mode

I nearly always use Aperture mode, and on the rare occasions that I tried to use the Manual mode didn’t work out so well. This was me at the park down my street on a crisp, sunny afternoon determined to figure out how to use it. The pictures that have a bokeh-esque blur were achieved using the manual focusing.






I Tried To Go a Full Day Without Judging Someone

Interesting article – starts off in a similar manner to my earlier post about judgement, but takes an unexpected turn and looks at another aspect of judgement and why people do it.

I Tried To Go a Full Day Without Judging Someone.


I’m a judgmental person.

Is that a bad thing to say? Does it make me a bad person? Maybe.

For a while, I tried to own my judgey-ness. I told myself that if I was honest about it, judging other people wasn’t such a crime. Everyone judges. It’s evolution and natural selection and the way that modern society functions. Judging others is the heart and spirit of competition and the only way to make it in the world. I judged freely and without really thinking too hard about it.

You’re probably judging me now, and that’s OK. What I just wrote makes me sound like a terrible person, and maybe that’s true. But before you condemn me, think about it. You’re probably exactly like me. Intentionally or not, you probably judge the heck out of the people around you: their bodies, their clothes, their decisions, their jobs, their hair, their education…2014 is a very judgey time.

Since starting to do yoga in earnest, I have started recognizing judging others as a habit that “does not serve me” and therefore, one that needs to be kicked to the curb. In this spirit, I conducted a small experiment:

Could I go one entire day without judging someone else?

I believe


I am not a mere sum of my actions and words. No. A person is defined by so much more than their outward projections. Thoughts, unspoken words and actions dreamed of, values, beliefs, morals and ethics all help to define who we are. Sometimes it is helpful to take a step back, and think what those things are. Even if it is done while procrastinating for a test like I’m doing right now.

I believe in second chances. Not so much in third chances. I believe mistakes are inevitable. I believe stagnancy is not. I believe there is no religion that has access to the full truth. I believe there is a little bit of truth in all of them. I believe in curiosity, in asking questions. I believe you create the meaning in life. Life is what you want it to be. I believe the way you view the world reflects on who you are as a person. I believe that can gradually change.

I believe there is extra-terrestrial life. I believe the idea of eternity is scary. I believe science doesn’t have the answer to everything. I believe nature does. I believe humanity’s days on earth are are numbered. I believe development is inevitable. I also believe it’s dangerous.

I believe in aesthetic. I believe mine is different from yours. I believe aesthetic plays a  part in defining us, of how we perceive and respond to outside stimuli. I believe no one aesthetic is superior to another. I believe in imperfection, in age, in naturality. I believe in strength, will power, I believe in muscle.

I am me, the girl who loves and hates life, and is afraid of that which is unknown and beyond our control.

I am me. You are you. We are us. But who am I really, who are you, who are we?

In this age of digitization and globalized trade our identities are increasingly being shaped by consumerism; we are what we buy, who we wear, where we live, what we drive. Strip down the superficial layers, get to the core. Find out about yourself. Maybe you’ll be surprised. I was a little. I didn’t know just how opinionated I was til I thought about it a bit. :p

So stop. Take a little break from life and ponder on life just because you can.

Who are you? And what do you believe in?