Mark Ruffalo on Climate Change

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“And I feel like that same thing is happening with climate change. Just this past year, the confluence of people—this is something I used to be banging the drum on alone. 100 percent renewable energy, when I came out with that phrase three years ago, people thought I was a nut job.

They were like “what are you talking about.” I went to every major green organization and begged them to adopt it. It was the science that came out of Stanford, it wasn’t me making this shit up; I begged them to adopt it. They held us off with like a ten foot pole. Today, they’ve completely embraced it. And that’s because a lot of people from a lot of different areas are converging on this moment. People’s Climate March is going to be a historical moment.

Those are the things I’ve been saying for years. But it’s taken us to this moment to get there. And we’re not going backwards, babe”.

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