My problem

So I have been made aware of  a little (or not so little) problem in my writing style. Apparently my sentence structuring is unclear and unnecessarily long. I was surprised to receive this feedback.

No I wasn’t.

I’ve been aware of my little hoarding issue for a while: I use periods sparingly, resulting in convoluted sentences only I seem to understand. I’ve taken to the internet for help, attended brief writing classes but nothing has really made a significant difference. So I’ve decided to fake it till I make it- I randomly split sentences now if they are longer than two or three lines. This way, my sentences can longer be mistaken for paragraphs. I think it’s a good start.

Here’s to working towards the day when I can write coherent sentence- paragraphs like they do in all those journal articles I have to read for uni.

Yes. I just wrote a blog post about writing and sentences.

I will not be apologizing.


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