Ma vie en rose

I should be studying for my exam right now, so naturally I come here instead.

I’m passionate about few things, but one of those is the freedom to be yourself.

The idea of hiding your religion, sex, culture or anything else important to you just to fit in is sad. I say this after watching the light-hearted French dramedy Ma vie en rose. It’s about a boy who believes he was born in the wrong body because God got his chromosomes mixed up. The film is playful, even optimistic yet I cried during some of the scenes. This is coming from the person who has maybe really cried in two or three movies. Watching it had put me in an introspective mood, so I sat there and wondered why I cried and then I got it.

The film is less about sexual identity and more about the role society plays in determining one’s identity. Watching the film made me realize, society can be a determinant for anything and everything if you allow it. Or feel like you don’t have another choice. Right at this moment, there could be hundreds, or thousands or maybe even millions of people hiding part of their reality because it does not fit into their society. That’s a little bit depressing when  you think about it. Imagine living in a world where the people you love cannot accept all of you, so you hide parts away where no one will find it.

I guess the film just reminded me that there are people out there right now, not being able to be themselves. It shouldn’t be a privilege to be yourself, it’s a right and a freedom and I hope one day, everyone who has ever felt the need to hide or change themselves realize they are not the problem. Society is.

And that’s a little sucky, because we are society. Maybe all of us are just hiding bits and pieces of our identity and we don’t want to see the braver souls come out and reveal who they are. I just want to say go you to those braver souls, and to those who are looking for courage…I wholeheartedly hope you find it. You have my support fellow humans of the world.


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