New Year new me…..LOL


2015. It’s a new year. Time to hear about the new year new me crap, where thousands and millions vow to change themselves. This year I decided to share my reflection on 2014, and decided to work on a better me than a new one.

I’m actually proud of what I’ve done in 2014. Could I have done better? Definitely but to feel you have done most of what you set out to do is a happying (new word) feeling.

– Joined boxing. I have always been really into the idea of punching and hitting, and in 2014 I finally decided to do something about it and joined a class at uni and I’m planning on continuing classes this year, at least for a term. It’s such a rush when your fists connect with the bag (I’m only doing non-contact at the moment).

– Created something I’m really proud of, and hope makes a good difference in at least one person’s life, even if only for a day, or an hour or even a second. I will continue with this project, hopefully do a good job for Diversity Week at uni and then pass on the responsibility at the end of the year perhaps to younger blood with fresh ideas and a curious and kind mind.

– Ego. It’s always been my downfall when it comes to relationships with people, but its also one of those things I cling to dearly, in fear of turning into a spineless person. My ego is still my ego, but there were times I put it aside for certain people this year, or more specifically maybe a person. I want to be able to continue this, hopefully enough to be okay with losing an argument or  a fight once in a while for the sake of my relationship with loved ones.

-It has been kept at bay mostly this year, but sometimes I feel like my decisions are made while walking on eggshells. I’m not as delicate as I once was but I still very much am scared (terrified) of the past and history repeating itself. So far it hasn’t and I think it’s time. Time to be less tentative and more fearless with my decisions. Don’t think outside the box. Crush the box that has become the cage and do great things.


– Dancing. I’ve always been into dancing. I mean, I’m not very good and I’m an extremely slow learner but I love it- especially Indian, Latin and Egyptian styles of dancing among others. This year I started learning salsa with a lovely team and an incredibly amazing and kind teacher. I stopped going regularly during exams and was hesitant about going back afterwards. This year, I promise myself that I will perform at least once, preferable not in competition as its my first time performing salsa and final year of my Bachelors. I dismissed the possibility last year for various reasons but now I have to stop holding myself back and just do it.


That doesn’t really cover my year, but its a quick recap of what I can currently think of and feel comfortable sharing on the web. It’s a lot better than when I first started the blog, with my ‘hoarding’ issue. I hope everyone had a great year last year and I sincerely hope this new one surpasses your expectations and is truly an even better year in all aspects.