I knew this day was coming. I thought I was ready for it. Hell, I was begging for it.

If you hate fangirl posts about TV shows, this is probably where you should stop reading.

Yes. I’m really writing a post about the season finale of Glee. Well not the finale itself, which was nice and well packaged with a bow that tries its best to end on the happiest note it can muster. What I am writing about is the culmination of the TV phenomenon Glee. The show that was equal parts hilarious and bizarre. The show that made me feel things for characters that I never thought I could like or understand. The show that introduced me to Chris Colfer and his magical voice that could bring me to tears so easily (this is a rarity, I swear). Talking about Chris…its the show with the most incredible relationship dynamics- Burt and Kurt, Kurt and Mercedes, Mercedes and Quinn, Quinn and Rachel, Rachel and Finn, Finn and Santana, Santana and Brittany.

The best thing about Glee though is it’s braveness. Glee explored issues no other teen drama would even dream of using for television. Physical and mental disabilities, religion, homosexuality, transexuality, gender politics, alcoholism, suicide, eating disorders. If it was a topic worth talking about, Glee shouted it out in elaborate musical numbers and crooned it in the intimacy of the choir room. Chris Colfer has said that it wasn’t a new thing for gay couples or gay wedding to be portrayed onscreen, and he is right. He is also right when he says that the reaction to the Glee star couple Klaine has been ‘groundbreaking’. I agree and disagree with Colfer. I come from a traditional Christian family and while I’ve been more or less open minded from the start, I know at least one person whose feelings towards homosexuality were positively influenced by Klaine. That isn’t something every show can boast about.

Glee will always have a special place in my heart, because it played a part in shaping my opinions. It changed my perception of the world and opened my eyes on more than one occasion. I couldn’t tell you how much the show has influenced me, but I can tell you that any influence it has had on me will be positive. Glee was like that thing you never knew you wanted or missed till you had it and now I’m feeling bittersweet. Bitter because I don’t like how all good things must end, sweet because it was better to end it while the show was still good (ignoring Marley & co’s short time at McKinley). Here’s to the show that taught me about the world of liberals and free thinkers and daydreamers and winners where difference is accepted and celebrated. That may not seem like such a big deal now but when the show first came out with its band of misfits and rejects- it was everything. Thanks Glee. I will dearly miss you. I hope you do not change your mind and keep going, or undergo a reboot or spawn an evil spin-off but I promise to binge watch you when I’m sick or bored or on holiday or even better, studying for finals. I bid you a very fond farewell.

Looking Up.


It’s that time of year in New Zealand. Schools started a while ago, but universities are just getting started. What is strange is this eerie feeling of under performing. University has barely started, deadlines and tests are comfortably distanced from the present yet I can’t shake off this feeling that everything is constantly on the verge of blowing up. I have taken a little bit more responsibility this year than I am used to, trying to be more social than ever (probably the hardest thing at the moment) and trying to get my GPA to what I know it can be and what it now is not. Maybe its just fear of leaving nest that has me so on edge. I finish my Bachelors at the end of the year, and then its out of my safe haven and into the real world. The real world, with the scary people, and tall buildings, and ‘real’ jobs. I think the stress that I’m feeling is partly a fear of this future, the uncertainty of it. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing after all. Getting that out makes my head feel a little clearer. Anyway, here’s to a year of pushing towards the best. To getting out of my own head (one can always hope), and setting up residence outside of my comfort bubble. Here’s to looking up and ahead.