I feel change

I’ll start by saying if you don’t want to read about fitness, then pass on this post.

I’ll follow that by admitting, I’ve had a rocky on and off relationship with gym and food in the past. I would either gym obsessively, or not turn up for months, I would over train and spend a week recovering or try to make up for not being active by eating little (or eat way too much because I was being active). For the past couple of months or so, I’ve been following what I think is a more sustainable path to achieving my goal (which is being able to use 14 kg dumbells, and lose some body fat and put on muscle mass)- 3/4 days of gym with some combination of bodyweight training/resistance training, HIIT variations, uphill walking and cardio group classes and its actually working. I can see subtle differences in my body now: less pronounced love handles, quads look slightly smaller but starting to show some muscle, arms getting bigger in a good way, and finally FINALLy being able to see my traps from behind. The physical changes helped me after feeling like nothing I was doing was actually having any effect, and it has motivated me to keep going. But what’s really gotten me excited is how my body feels, I can run a little faster, go a little further. It takes more to tire me out. I don’t feel too guilty about having my off days. If I screw up my eating, or eat out too many times this week, I can just do some damage control and keep going which is pretty great. And most importantly, I feel good- moving around more, and being able to feel and see the changes in yourself over time is rewarding.

I haven’t really embellished this post, and it’s alarmingly to the point for something that is written by me and the reason is I don’t have time right now to make my words sound pretty or my sentences flow. In the middle of completing deadlines, and then its on to a short study break then exams. Promise I’ll do better, and post more photography stuff once that is all out of the way thought this blog is really more for me than for anyone else. :p


Kid in nature

This boy was hanging around near the tree I wanted to photograph, and I was too polite (thought it would be too awkward*) to ask him to move for a second, so he ended up in the photo accidentally. And then I realized, his presence only added to the photo. So here’s a couple of shots of the kid in nature.


Runner’s low.

Excerpt from an ESPN article  on Madison Holleran, star athlete and student, and the connection between construction of virtual reality versus physical reality:

“I run because it’s therapeutic for me. Because every time I run outside, around my home, I am reminded of the beauty of the world, of which I often forget. Yet at the same time, I am fully aware of beauty — it simply saddens me because of reasons I have not yet conjured up. I suppose I am sad. But at the same time I am happy; and miserable; and joyful; and stressed out; and calm, and everything in between. I am everything. Every emotion, rigged in every format, and developed through every machine. I am numb but I am not.”

Read full article here.