Finding yourself again


I’ll start by saying I like myself most of the time. Not in the ‘Oh my god you are so great’ kind of way but content in the inherent knowledge that I am deeply flawed, yet liking who I am or who I have become anyway but lately I’m not sure how I feel. I feel like I’m losing my passion and vigour- everything that was annoying about me but made up the core of my personality. I mean I’m probably still fairly annoying, but I feel like the life force that led me is fading (so close to a Lord of the Rings reference) and I’m losing myself little bit by little bit every day. It’s scary but what is scarier is this shitty attitude on my behalf sometimes to not fight it that scares me more.

So all I have to say to other people who might be feeling the same way is: Don’t stop fighting the crappy part of yourself that wants to give up and be docile. Make some noise, and be unapologetically yourself- and if you aren’t too sure who that person is- go find him or her. Don’t lose yourself forever, your true self is somewhere out there, waiting to be reclaimed.