New year, new lists


I know the days of writing new years resolutions with every serious intention of making it work despite the results of previous years are passing. People are getting smarter and probably a bit sick of the irony. But what can I say- this girl has a penchant for lists and a fear of stagnancy so you can bet that I have got pages and pages of things to work on this year.


The biggest difference in the last couple of years with my lists is that there is more focus on working on self, mental growth and regulating emotions, alongside the usual (and I guess more basic) fitness and achievement centric goals. It’s something I’ve ignored previously, and sometimes it takes painful moments in an otherwise privileged and happy life to realize focusing on strengthening yourself is the key to feeling and getting better when you are down. It also puts you in a better position to help those in your life who may need you if you are learning how to better handle life’s curve balls (ahh random sports pun that I do not know the actual meaning of).


2018 ended on a high note, some of my favourite people were missing but I was still surrounded by people I love, dancing away into the new day. 2019 got a rowdy welcome, but ended with calm and quiet away in the mountains which was wonderful and felt fitting for how I envision progress for this year. Quiet, steady work towards some measurable and some immeasurable goals and standing strong in the face of whatever life feels like throwing at me this year.


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