I have a good feeling about home

Christchurch is alive once again, slowly awakening from a long slumber that followed a series of earthquakes that shook the city and her people. Buildings in various stages of ruin like the somewhat Gothic Anglican church watch the rebirth from their precarious positions- both beautiful and melancholic bookmarks from the previous chapters. The once annoyingly present cranes all over the city are now an almost fond sight for its comforting familiarity and meme potential if nothing else.


Little pockets of life are popping up all over the place, amidst the longstanding reminders of the past. The street art scene has been greatly revitalized in the post- quakes period as local and international artists made use of the many blank walls to inspire.


Don’t actually know if this was pre or post earthquakes, I just really like it


I’m enjoying being a witness to the unfurling pages and looking forward to what’s in store for this warm, resilient city. I have a good feeling about home.



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